About us

Magenta Line - a new Ukrainian brand specializing in producing materials for scrapbooking and creative projects.

Our product range includes single sheets and sets of 20x20 cm and 30x30 cm scrapbooking paper. These sheets boast unique, individually designed patterns, printed on European designer paper with a thickness of 240 g/m² using advanced printing techniques. Our paper is perfect for unleashing your creativity; it doesn't bend easily, remains vibrant, and resists smudging from contact with water and adhesive. Working with our materials is both convenient and effortless.

Each collection also features a selection of die-cut sets, stickers, and other complementary decorations, all carefully designed to match the style and color palette of our primary materials.

Every product showcased on our website is exclusive and crafted by our in-house designers, specifically for the brand. We're committed to providing only the highest quality materials, a pleasure to handle and a joy to give as gifts.


The brand's office is located in Odessa. We dispatch packages using major Ukrainian carriers both within Ukraine and internationally.

We would be delighted to welcome you as one of our valued and loyal customers!