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PUBLIC CONTRACT (OFFER) for ordering, purchasing, and delivering goods

This contract is the official and public proposal of the Seller to enter into a contract of sale of Goods, presented on the website www.magenta-line.com.ua. This contract is public, meaning that according to Article 633 of the Civil Code of Ukraine, its terms are the same for all customers regardless of their status (individual, legal entity, individual entrepreneur) without giving preference to one customer over another. By entering into this Contract, the buyer fully accepts the terms and procedures for placing an order, payment for the goods, delivery of the goods, returning the goods, responsibility for dishonest orders, and all other terms of the contract. The Contract is considered concluded from the moment the "Confirm Order" button is pressed on the order placement page in the "Cart" section and the Buyer receives confirmation of the order from the Seller in electronic form.

  1. Definitions

1.1. Public Offer (hereinafter referred to as the "Offer") - a public proposal of the Seller addressed to an indefinite circle of persons to conclude a remote contract of sale of goods (hereinafter referred to as the "Contract") on the terms contained in this Offer.

1.2. Goods or Services - the subject of the agreement between the parties, which was chosen by the buyer on the Internet shop's website and placed in the cart, or already purchased by the Buyer from the Seller through remote means.

1.3. Internet Shop - the Seller's website at the address www.magenta-line.com.ua created for the purpose of concluding retail and wholesale purchase and sale contracts based on the Buyer's familiarity with the Seller's description of the Goods through the Internet.

1.4. Buyer - a capable individual who has reached the age of 18, receives information from the Seller, places orders for the purchase of goods presented on the Internet shop's website for purposes unrelated to entrepreneurial activity, or a legal entity or individual entrepreneur.

  1. Subject of the Contract

2.1. The Seller undertakes to transfer ownership of the Goods to the Buyer, and the Buyer undertakes to pay for and accept the Goods under the terms of this Contract.

2.2. The date of conclusion of the Offer Contract (acceptance of the offer) and the moment of full and unconditional acceptance of the Contract's terms by the Buyer is considered to be the date when the Buyer completes the order form located on the Internet shop's website, provided that the Buyer receives confirmation of the order from the Seller in electronic form. If necessary, at the Buyer's request, the Contract can be formalized in writing.

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